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Original Fine Art by David Alles

All artwork is made by hand with high quality, archival materials for longevity & enjoyment for generations to come. 

Style & Craftsmanship

Sculptures, paintings and hand-pulled prints are created from raw materials David has personally hand selected and/or reclaimed. Conservation and preservation are primary concerns in the overall construction of the artwork. In general, the work is expressive, with free-flowing, gestural lines counter balanced by vibrant colors and rhythmic textures. Each composition is a mélange of varying styles and thoughts, in the spirit of the expressionists. Enjoy. 


At $110.5 Million, Jean-Michel Basquiat's painting becomes priciest US artwork ever sold.

This quick video features "So Sweet" by Emilie Alles, on display on UNL's East campus.

The Journal Star has put together these photos of Nebraska by Heart creations with locations and artists' statements on the pieces.