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David Alles is a third generation professional artist who has been aggressively producing artwork for more than three decades. A student of the arts since the 1970's, Alles earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1996. His paintings, prints and sculptures are hand crafted using high quality archival materials in truly original style.

David lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and two children. His lifestyle also includes urban farming, homebrewing beer and wine, and martial arts. David holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo and a fourth degree brown belt in Han Mu Do.


My work has developed out of the Expressionist movement in that I have incorporated many of the thoughts and ideas dating back to its inception in the late 19th century, so many distinctly different approaches and styles of those considered to be expressionists. In general, my work is expressive, with free-flowing, gestural lines that are counter balanced by vibrant colors and rhythmic textures, combined with a wide variety of styles and thoughts, in the spirit of the expressionists, within each composition. As I have intermingled many of the thoughts and ideas of the expressionists, in conjunction with the developing 21st century, a new and unique style of fine art—Fusion—has emerged.

Standard Practices

All artwork is produced by hand, created from raw materials I have personally hand selected and/or reclaimed. Conservation and preservation are primary concerns in the overall construction of my work. The intent is to provide longevity that will far surpass my lifespan and future generations to come. All of the work is guaranteed to be 100% original in its development and style, and is fully archived for historical placement. To date there have been no commercial reproductions of my work out of personal devotion to the creation and integrity of original fine art.

I retain and maintain all the rights to my work. All work created, and its content therein, is considered to be my intellectual property. Any use or reproduction of my work without my approval constitutes a violation of my security and intellectual property, possibly resulting in harm and is a clear violation of copyright law. So please ask for my permission in writing before photographing, transmitting, reproducing or distributing my art.

Please promote artists by buying their work, not stealing it.

Comprehensive Fine Art Services

  • Showings by appointment
  • Personalized art instruction
  • Indoor and outdoor commissions
  • Custom stretcher frames and archival framing
  • Crates and specialized shipping
  • Collection placement and installation
  • Charitable donations for fundraising events
  • Art rentals for home and business