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5 Thanksgiving Fun Facts

Cranberries, turkey and sweet potatoes are just a few of traditional side items for Thanksgiving dinner. As we get ready to gather with our family and friends, watch football and eat until we can’t walk, plan to dazzle your guests with some uncommon trivia about turkey day. Here are five facts to use as ice breakers:

T.V. Dinners—We’re all familiar with T.V. dinners, but do you know when they were started? An employee at Swanson overestimated the amount of turkeys that would sell and had a huge surplus after the holiday. Swanson’s solution? Slice it up and repackage the turkey with some traditional side items. And, the T.V. dinner was born.

Gobble—To anyone with a hungry eye, all turkeys gobble. But, it is proven that only male turkeys gobble and females cackle.

Declaring the holiday—President Abraham Lincoln’s claim to fame was not only the Emancipation Proclamation, but also declaring Thanksgiving as a national holiday! So, as you stuff yourself with delicious food on November 27, give thanks to Abe Lincoln.

Black Friday—This observed holiday is coined the busiest day of the year for stores, but also, plumbers. According to Roto-Rooter, the nation’s largest plumbing service, many families and friends tend to “overwhelm the system.”

American holiday—Think Thanksgiving is just a historic celebration in the United States? Think again: Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October.