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Designs for 6-foot tall fiberglass hearts by David Alles and Emilie Alles have been juried into the public art project based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Three of the four sponsored designs are now in the production phase. The first, Mouser, has been installed at 10th & Q. See the designs and keep up with the progress.

MOUSER by David Alles - On Display at 10th & Q

A playful moment when a kitten pounces on its favorite pink toy becomes a life long, lasting memory. Quirky behavior laced with affection unexpectedly comforts our souls and touches our lives. Whether in the joy of the here and now, or in memories, our pets always have a special place in our heart and mind. This design is dedicated to my favorite cat, Paloma. Ours is a true story of bonding, joy and inspiration. 

SO SWEET by Emilie Alles - On Display at the Dairy store on UNL's East Campus

Nebraska has a great school system, with many outstanding teachers. The technology we students have available outweighs what many other places have. I’ve been inspired to use this public art project as a way to raise money for a trip to Washington DC this summer, an educational trip put together by the school system. It would be So Sweet to use this big art project to help me get to that great opportunity.

OUT OF THE PARK by Emilie Alles - On Display at Haymarket Park

This design is inspired by leadership, which I’ve learned a lot about from Launch Leadership, a great Nebraska organization. The baseball themed design represents a team. Great leaders create great teams. And great teams work together to knock the ball Out of the Park

HELLO SUNSHINE by David Alles - On Display at SE corner of S Antelope Valley Pkwy & L

The wondrous, magical beauty of nature always inspires me. From a seed to germination I nurture and care for the plant. Before long, the seedling has emerged into a well-established plant that soon will bear all of its glory. Emerging with vibrant and bold petals, a flower now tracks the sun across the sky with its gentle sway. The plant bears its fruit and the cycle of life begins again with a seed. Creative endeavors start much the same way. Like the seed, with some nurturing care, effort and time, inspirational thoughts may turn into something quite wonderful.

THUNDER HEART by David Alles

Born and raised in North Platte, I know of the heritage of the surrounding land. Even though time has brought about many changes I can feel a strong, powerful, even spiritual presence there. The first ancestors of the great Lakota people called this land “Flat Water,” (which to us today has translated into “Nebraska”). The spirit of the buffalo that thundered through the region by the thousands. Each time I return to the river valley and walk through the tall grass, I imagine the powerful presence of the buffalo, and the spirit and heart of the Lakota people. [abridged]

NEW WORLD by David Alles

I set out to create a memorial to honor all of our men and women who have not only served but continue living facing enduring pain as they recover from action. Our country awards the Purple Heart citation. I was not convinced that a heart of purple could properly honor that level of sacrifice, when I was inspired by an unexpected source. My son Jacob said to me “Papa, why don’t you put the earth in the center of that purple heart?!" We are considered the heartland of America, and in the center of that heart you will find Nebraskans who sacrifice and who contribute on a global scale. From our family farms and ranches, to our high standard in education and commitment to community, to environmental stewardship, to outreach programs that span the globe, you will find Nebraskans working locally, toward a greater global good. [abridged]


As an artist and a gardener, plants, flowers and bugs of all kinds are always great sources of inspiration. Nebraska’s state insect is the Honeybee, which just so happens to be attracted to our state flower Goldenrod. What a wonderful combination, especially in a state where agriculture is so important. Certainly not to be understated are the magical little wonders of pollination and honey, and their impact on our state’s economy.